Upcoming Video Conference: Ingesting files to AIRS Digital Library

For students and interested AIRS researchers - a video conference on how to ingest or upload a file or video to AIRS Digital Library will be held online on Tuesday, March 8, 2016. Other topics covered include DL structure, content types, resource access levels, editing metadata, and searching the Digital Library. Please contact the AIRS Administrator at airs@upei.ca if you wish to connect to this video conference.

To participate you will need an AIRS login name and password.  If you do not have an AIRS account please contact Tom Germaine at tgermaine28@gmail.com.

Participants are encouraged to have a few of their own files and videos assembled on their own computers in order to understand the process fully. Files can be those you wish to upload to the Digital Library as part of the AIRS research community's searchable database of resources, or files to be used as a practice run which will be deleted after the conference concludes. Documents of type Adobe pdf of research results or presentations and/or video files of type mp4 or mov (e.g. filename.mp4 or filename.mov) are acceptable files types for this video conference. If you do not have files in either of these formats please contact Tom Germaine at the address above.  Files will be ingested to a collection in the name of the AIRS principal researcher to which they are associated, or to a generic practice collection created just for the video conference. 

Participants will be informed of the web address of the conference just prior to it's commencement, thus it is necessary to contact AIRS at airs@upei.ca as soon as possible.

Prior to (and during) the video conference participants can view the AIRS Digital Library User Guide for a more detailed explanation of structure and uploading to the Digital Library.  Please go to this link:  http://airsplace.ca/dllanding and click on: airs_dl_user_guide.pdf (http://airsplace.ca/sites/default/files/airs_dl_user_guide_0.pdf) to view the Digital Library User Guide.


AIRS staff are working towards providing the results of Project research, so that information and research findings can be shared amongst the researchers and interested individuals.  Please direct any questions or comments regarding the AIRS Web site to the AIRS Information Technology Coordinator. Contact information can be found on our Contact AIRS page.