September 2012 - News!

Meetings maintaining the momentum from AIRS 4th Annual Meeting

Building on the momentum started by workshops and conversations at the AIRS 4th Annual Meeting, two groups met in September to continue to plan for future AIRS milestones.

AIRS Test Battery

At an early morning Test Battery workshop on Friday, August 24th, participants identified the need for a revised version of the AIRS Test Battery aimed at children aged 5 to 8. The group, composed of Mayumi Adachi, Stephanie Boisvert, Mike Forrester, Helga Gudmundsdottir, Beatriz Ilari and Stefanie Stadler Elmer, created a document capturing their recommendations for revisions, and 5 of the 6 met via videoconference on August 28th. The resulting documentation has been submitted to Sub-theme 1.3 Leader, Annabel Cohen, and Bing-Yi Pan for review and consideration.

AIRS Digital Library Team

The Digital Library Team also took advantage of their time together at the AIRS 4th Annual Meeting. Annual meeting attendees Mike Forrester, Jonathan Lane, Nyssim Lefford, Theresa Leonard, Donald Moses, George Tzanetakis, and Coralie Vincent met face to face and were joined by Ichiro Fujinaga via teleconference. They discussed the future of the Digital Library, with particular attention on continuing in the absence of Nyssim Lefford, who had led the forward progress of the Digital Library during 2012, which resulted in a working version of the Digital Library accessible through the AIRS web site, as well as a documented approach to future development. 

They followed up with a meeting on September 26th to solidify their roles and responsibilities, and come up with recommendations to take forward to the AIRS Steering Committee for review and decisions.

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