October 2012 - News!

2013 Language & Literacy Special Issue-Call for Submissions

Studies from around the world have shown that singing is a powerful practice that can promote a variety of positive benefits including bonding and trust between people such as mothers and children, problem solving, socialization, creativity, physical development, and language and literacy development, to name only a few (e.g., Booch & Hachiva, 2004; Campbell, 2010). To further illuminate the relationship between language, literacy, and singing, we are seeking paper submissions for a special issue of Language & Literacy: A Canadian eJournal from interested scholars.

Submissions can be made at: http://ejournals.library.ualberta.ca/index.php/langandlit/index

For any further information or details, please contact the guest editor of the special issue, Dr. Zheng Zhang, on evangeline9898@gmail.com


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