May 2013 - News!

  • AIRS Members participate in the World Summit on Arts Education - Polylogue II

Lily Chen-Hafteck (Sub-theme 1.3 co-lead), Martin Gardiner (2.3), Larry O'Farrell (3.1, UNESCO Chair of Arts and Learning, Queen's University) and Susan O'Neill (3.2, and incoming Theme 3 Leader, Simon Fraser University) participated in the World Summit on Arts Education, 13 - 17 May 2013, Munich and Wildbad Kreuth, Germany.

UNESCO held its first World Conference on Arts Education in Lisbon, Portugal, in March 2006. Two key outcomes of this conference were the UNESCO Roadmap for Arts Education and the formation of the World Alliance for Arts Education (WAAE). Since 2006, the WAAE has initiated four world arts education strategic planning summits (Hong Kong, 2007; Taipei, 2008; Newcastle, 2009; and Rovaniemi, 2012) along with many regional summits and meetings.The WAAE has developed a strategic planning focus in three areas: research, networking and advocacy. At the 2nd UNESCO World Conference on Arts Education, in Seoul, Korea, May 2010, the WAAE presented recommendations for action in the three areas mentioned above. The WAAE was also profiled as one of UNESCO’s key summit ‘partners’.The aims of the World Summit included: Encouraging dialogue and developing partnerships between research (INRAE), advocacy (WAAE, BKJ, European networks) and governments (ACEnet). Identifying transnational research projects developing the Seoul Agenda goals concerning: * Access to arts education (in schools and non-formal education), * Quality of arts education, * Social / cultural benefits from arts education. Connecting European stakeholders in the field of Arts Education with worldwide developments and organizations.


  • Laura Valja presents research on the AIRS Test Battery at the Estonian Musicological Society

Laura Valja, a graduate student (of Jaan Ross) at the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre, presented her research work on the AIRS Test Battery at the recent meeting of the Estonian Musicological Society.


  • Educating the Creative Mind  

Educating the Creative Mind, is a conference organized by Dr. Lily Chen-Hafteck (co-leader, Sub-theme 3.1 on Singing and Cultural Understanding), aiming to bring arts-based education to every child and is supported by a grant from the National Endowment for the Arts. Annabel Cohen and Jiaxing Xie will also participate in an international panel.

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