June 2013 - News!


AIRS Updates:

  • Congratulations:

Congratulations to Frank Russo who has been elected by acclamation as the new President of the Canadian Acoustical Association.

Frank has previously held the positions of co-convenor of the CAA Annual Meeting, Director, and Editor of the Canadian Acoustics Journal, while continuing in his role as the leader of the AIRS Theme on Development.

Congratulations Frank!

  • Conferences:

June is conference month and AIRS members will be disseminating their work at several venues.

The following papers will be presented at the International Congress on Acoustics in Montreal on June 7, 2013 in a session entitled: "Musical Acoustics: Digital Libraries for Speech and Singing". This session will be cochaired by Annabel J. Cohen (Psychology, UPEI), and Steven R. Livingstone (Psychology, Ryerson University).

Abstract 1: A digital library to advance interdisciplinary research in singing.

Annabel J. Cohen (Psychology., University of Prince Edward Island, PE, Canada)
Ichiro Fujinaga (Music, McGill University, QC, Canada)
Nyssim Lefford (Sound Music & Digital Media, Lulea Tech. University, Sweden)
Theresa Leonard (Audio Recording, Banff Ctr., AB, Canada)
George Tzanatakis (Comput. Sci., University of Victoria, BC, Canada)
Coralie Vincent (Developmental Phonet., CNRS, France)
Donald Moses (Robertson Library, University of Prince Edward Island, PE, Canada)

Abstract 2: Acoustic differences in the speaking and singing voice.

Steven R. Livingstone, Katlyn Peck, Frank A. Russo (Psychology, Ryerson University, QC, Canada)
Abstract 3: Variation of rhythm metrics in regional varieties of Acadian French.

Wladyslaw Cichocki (French, University of New Brunswick)

Sid-Ahmed Selouani, Alaidine B. Ayed, Catherine Paulin, and Yves Perreault, (Gestion de l’information, Universite de Moncton, Shippagan, NB, Canada)


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