Sample one-page letter from Partner to AIRS

Dr. Annabel J. Cohen
Project Director, AIRS
Faculty of Arts, University of Prince Edward Island
550 University Ave., Charlottetown, PE
C1A 4P3

Dear Dr. Cohen:

We [or name of your organization or facility]  are pleased to be involved with the AIRS Major Collaborative Research Initiative to Advance Interdisciplinary Research in Singing. We have read the proposal and would welcome participation particularly in the area of Singing and  (choose one:  Development, Education, or Well-being)  [optional, although our interest also extends to …either of the remaining two research themes].

Consistent with our mandate to ________________________ (fill in), our organization would look forward to  the opportunity of _____________ with AIRS researchers.  We understand that our role would be  _________________________________. We are able to provide the time of  xxxxx (name of person working in your organization who will liaise with AIRS) [Please simply insert the professional that applies to you]  for x? ___ hours a  [week, month, year] over 6 years  of the grant.  ________________ [Enter name of facility or organization] can also offer the space in which to conduct the activity, as well as access to [a desk, photocopier, piano??, computer programs].  In addition we can provide  ______  (e.g., advertising) of the  ____________ planned in conjunction with AIRS.  This amounts to an in-kind contribution of $3,500 salary and $5000 ($100/wk) [Please note that you as AIRS Partner are offering the personnel and the space, you do not actually give us money. The granting agency simply wants an understanding of approximately what kind of dollar amount these contributions would make]  for space rental for the 6 years during which the program would be carried out. (continuing with an example…) The space would also be provided for a graduate student researcher who would be the one to conduct the program and carry out the research. The research as we understand would consist of  [e.g., interviews with the children and seniors, focus groups, and video recordings of various stages of the development of the program.  The videos would be made available only the designated researchers, unless other permission were granted, and the entire project would be subject to the Canadian Tri-Council Ethical guidelines --- the deals will be provided by AIRS for each specific partner case]

We believe that the development of a protocol for   -------- (specific to the organization) could  enhance  the lives of  _______ through singing.  We are therefore very pleased to participate as a partner in the  AIRS program. Our contact person would be _______________________.

We wish you every success with the application.


Name of Executive of Organization

c.c. to contact person in the organization


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