Introduction to the Theme of Singing and Well-being

In the last 25 years, a field of psychology that focuses on the subjective experience of happiness has developed. It is referred to positive psychology, and Diener is often credited with its origination.  This field of psychology recognizes that one of the universal human goals is to attain happiness or subjective well-being.  Subjective well-being is to be distinctive from other kinds of well-being as may be assigned by an external observer or bank teller.  Objective well-being  is based on what others assume will bring happiness to a second party. Subjective well-being seems to be more elusive , and yet what is known about it, through surveys and subjective reports, indicates that it has a considerable inpact on behavior.  From the point of view of AIRS therefore it is important that singing in theory could influence subjective well-being for the better, and since singing is a relatively inexpensive intervention, it could be more readily employed to improve subjective well-being. (To be continued)


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