June 2016 - News!

AIRS News  

  • AIRS presentations at the Society for Brain, Behavior and Cognitive Science (CSBBCS). University of Ottawa June 24-27.

    • Songbirds as objective listeners: Zebra Finches (Taeniopygia guttata) can discriminate infantdirected song and speech in two languages. Leslie S. Phillmore, Dalhousie University, Jordan Fisk, Dalhousie University, Simone Falk, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universit at M unchen, Christine D. Tsang, Huron University College at the University of Western Ontario.    Abstract

    • Key-note variability in singing of university élite athletes. Annabel Joan Cohen, University, Eric A. Da Silva, Kyle Dutton, University of Prince Edward Island, Bing-Yi Pan, Concordia University.  Abstract

  • UPDATE ON AIRS DIGITAL LIBRARY:  AIRS Members are now browsing, searching, and uploading AIRS research from the past 7 years. Check out this link to the Digital Library Index page on the AIRS Home Page. Students who wish to upload research material to the AIRS Digital Library need to contact AIRS Administration to obtain rights to do so.  Current AIRS members already have such rights.  Please see the DL Index Page for links to helpful video tutorials about ingesting to and searching material in the Digital Library.

  • Rachel Heydon and Susan O’Neill have signed a book contract with Sense Publishers (fastest growing publisher of books in Educational Research) for their  completed manuscript (now in production) entitled: Why multimodal literacy matters: (Re)Conceptualizing literacy and wellbeing through a singing-infused multimodal, intergenerational curriculum: Intergenerational curriculum.  An extraordinary achievement associated with AIRS Sub-theme 3.2 Singing and Intergenerational Understanding.

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