August 2016 - News!

AIRS News  

  • Simone Falk has been appointed associate professor at the Paris Sorbonne Nouvelle beginning September 2016. She has also just published an article based on the AIRS project: Temporal variability in sung productions of adolescents who stutter, Journal of Communication Disorders 62 (2016) 101-114, Simon Falk, Elena Maslow, Georg Thum, Philip Hoole.  LINK

  • Infants prefer infant-directed song over speech (in press), Christine Tsang, Simone Falk, Alexandria Hessel, Aug 2016, Child Development. Request full-text here. 

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  • Digital Libraries for Musicology,  August 12, 2016.  AIRS is presenting a posterApplication of Islandora for Interdisciplinary Musicological Research: the AIRS DL for Research in Singing. 

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