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  • Susan O'Neill is the new president elect for ISME (International Society for Music Education). LINK   Congratulations Susan!  At the biennial  ISME meeting in Glasgow,  Susan  spoke in a symposium on Music Education Advocacy: Connecting Research, Policy, and Practice to Support the Profession.  Susan has been collaborating with Rachel Heydon in the Singing and Intergenerational Understanding  (AIRS Sub-Theme 3.2) and together they have written a book entitled Why multimodal literacy matters: (Re)Conceptualizing literacy and wellbeing through a singing-infused multimodal, intergenerational curriculum: Intergenerational curriculum which is in press with Sense Publishers (Amsterdam).

  • Frank Russo,  Lead for  AIRS Theme 1 Singing and Development has been promoted to Full Professor of Psychology at Ryerson University.  Congratulations Frank!  He will receive the prestigious Early Career Award of the  International Commission for Acoustics (ICA) at the 22nd International Congress on Acoustics taking place in Buenos Aires, 2016, September 5-9.  He will deliver one of 5 plenary lectures.  The title of his talk is "Understanding music perception from the perspective of oscillation and resonance". 

  • New study shows that " group singing can increase closeness to less familiar individuals regardless of whether they share a common motivation, but that singing competitively may reduce closeness within a very tight-knit group".  See  the article by Eiluned Pearce, Jacques Launay, Max van Duijn, Anna Rotkirch, Tamas David-Barrett, and Robin I. M. Dunbar (2016, on line first).  Singing together or apart:  The effect of competitive and cooperative singing on social bonding within and between sub-groups of a university Fraternity. Psychology of Music,  LINK

  • "Choir! Choir! Choir! began over five years ago in Toronto (Arla Good is a member) bringing together people in a non-audition situation to rehearse and perform various pop songs.  The leaders Nobu Adilman and Daveed Goldman were in Charlottetown PEI on August 26, and directed  a sold out crowd of 300 (limited by room size) in singing their original 3-part arrangement of  the Tragically Hip's  "You are ahead by a century" LINK  or  LINK (song starts 6 minutes in).  

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  • Music, Mind & Society at Vanderbilt University - the annual symposium, this year with a focus on The Science of Song, and a keynote talk by Isabelle Peretz.  Program

  • The Neurosciences and Music  - VI    15-18 June 2017.  Symposium submission deadline  15 October 2016  LINK

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