AIRS Symposium at the International Symposium on Performance Science (August 25, 2011)


An AIRS Symposium entitled “A major collaborative research initiative on singing: Focus on performance” organized by Frank Russo (serving as moderator and discussant) took place in Toronto, August 25, 2011 at the International Symposium on Performance Science. The conference was co-organized by Aaron Williamon and Darryl Edwards. The following papers were presented.

  • Advancing interdisciplinary research in singing: A performance perspective
    Annabel J. Cohen

  • Have we made ourselves clear? Singers and non-singers' perceptions of the intelligibility of sung text
    Jane Ginsborg, Philip Fine, Christopher Barlow

  • Adults identifying as "non-singers" in childhood: Cultural, social, and pedagogical implications
    Susan Knight

  • Entrainment to speech and song
    Pascale Lidji, Caroline Palmer, Isabelle Peretz, Michele Morningstar

  • Perspectives on singing and performance in music therapy
    Laurel Young, Jennifer J. Nicol

Additional papers were presented by members of AIRS in other sessions:

  • Frank Russo
  • Lisa Chan
  • Darryl Edwards
  • Stephen Livingstone
  • Johanna Devaney
  • Ichiro Fujinaga
  • Richard Parncutt

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