Recent Student Opportunities with AIRS


AIRS has posted four new student opportunities:

  1. Two literature survey/ reviews associated with the AIRS digital library initiative:
    1. Survey of digital libraries for music and singing. This can include also non-music sites such as consideration of Talkbank, CHILDES, and ComNET as well as databases for motion capture, and audiovisual speech collections.
    2. Survey of computer technology for analysis and synthesis of singing. This may include comparisons with analysis/synthesis of speech.
  2. A unique postdoctoral position in research on singing is available through the AIRS at the home institution of a collaborator who agrees to be a supervisor.
  3. Support for students interested in conducting research on singing directed toward achieving milestones associated with one or more of the three main AIRS research themes: Development, Education, and Well-being.

Please see student opportunities for more information.


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