Team 3.2 in the news with Intergenerational Singing program


After a pilot project in London Ontario, the AIRS  Intergenerational Singing program  ( directed by Professors Rachel Heydon and Carol Beynon, University of Western Ontario, Faculty of Education) has had a successful run at a second site -  in Chatham Ontario.  The Co-ordinator of the Seniors home called in the press in recognition of the value of the program for the residents. Congratulations  AIRS 3.2 - on its way to the development of a handbook so that the developing curriculum for IG singing programs can be shared more broadly.


According to Carol Beynon, Associate Vice-Provost, School of Graduate Studies, University of Western Ontario  "Both the residents and children are so disappointed that the program has come to an end, and I am hopeful that it will continue on a monthly basis. We learned a great deal through the process and have just completed the interviews.

Sincere thanks to graduate student assistants Joelle Nagle Crestan and Jen Hutchison who contributed so much to this part of AIRS 3.2"


  Intergeneratioal  Singing Program Curriculum in Action at Chatham - Nov. 23 2011



John N. Given Grade 2 students, Kallista Handsor, left, Nicholas Quesnel and Dezarae De Haas look over some photos with Joyce Dyer, centre and Iris Labadie, far right, from the time the students and residents of Caleb Village spent together during the University of Western Ontario's Advanced Interdisciplinary Research in Singing pilot program in Chatham, On., Wednesday, November 16, 2011. The health and wellness study looked at the effects of an intergenerational curriculum involving music,



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