April 2012 - News!

AIRS Student Funding

The Student Funding Review Committee has completed its review for Year 4 of the AIRS Project and is pleased to announce that over 30 project proposals have been approved with a potential student involvement of over 90 students. Congratulations to all AIRS team members and their students and best wishes for a productive project year.

AIRS at ECMA Awards

As part of the AIRS Partnership with the East Coast Music Association, AIRS visited the ECMA Awards in Moncton, NB this month and once again invited participation on the 'Melody on the Spot' contest. The contest challenges participants to create and perform an original song based on visual images presented to them. Entries have been forwarded to judges for evaluation. Watch for the winners in our May 2012 news!

AIRS Theme Synergy Meetings

To support the AIRS objective of cross-pollination across the AIRS themes, meetings for all three AIRS themes were held in March and April, giving all team members an opportunity to brainstorm about potential synergies within their own themes and with the members of the other two themes. Follow up meetings to mobilize projects based on the ideas shared will be scheduled soon.

AIRS Digital Library Progress

A temporary digital library was created and feedback from collaborators has been gathered as input to the creation of a second iteration. As the library continues to develop, we will be asking for more input, and all AIRS collaborators are invited to participate. For more information on how to become involved, please contact Dr. Nyssim Lefford, AIRS Post-doctoral Fellow.

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AIRS staff are working towards providing the results of Project research, so that information and research findings can be shared amongst the researchers and interested individuals.  Please direct any questions or comments regarding the AIRS Web site to the AIRS Information Technology Coordinator. Contact information can be found on our Contact AIRS page.