• Alda Oliveira (PhD)

    Alda Oliveira (PhD)'s picture
    Affiliation: Federal University of Bahia - Brazil
    Professional background

    Supervising Professor at the Post-Graduate Program in Music at the Federal University of Bahia, Brazil (Master and Doctoral degrees) PHD The University of Texas at Austin - Texas US (Music Education) Master of Arts at TUFTS University at Medford, Boston, US (Composition and Music Education) Bachelor in Piano and Music Education at the Music School at the Catholic Institute of Salvador (Bahia) and the Music School at the Federal University of Bahia, Brazil

    Research interest

    Pedagogic articulations (connections) in music education. Studies that uses musics from world cultures (specially from Brazil)for music education purposes, for voice development of students of all age levels and for cultural understanding.

    Research interests relevant to AIRS

    I am right now collecting data in Bahia, Brazil for the research coordinated by Dr. Lily Hafteck (Keans Univ.)that deals with the use of folk songs from 4 different countries for the development of cultural understanding of 5th grade students.

    Potential contribution to AIRS

    I may develop some other studies in partnership to the students I am supervising in Brazil in the topic Pedagogic articulations for the development of the voice and for cultural understanding. I can also organyze a seminar of AIRS in our city Salvador, inviting other colleagues from AIRS, in order to share some results of the studies, and also to communicate and spread the data for music education curricular developments.

    Expected benefit from the AIRS collaboration

    The benefits expected from AIRS are: 1. participation in the AIRS seminars in Canada; 2.share experiences acquired in Brazil with other colleagues from AIRS; 3.propose some other topics to be developed in partnership with our BRazilian university; 4. learning from other international researchers from different specialities (multidisciplinary fields), sharing common and specific problems, solutions, insights, methodologies and selecting good and relevant research questions.



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