Vocal Mosaic of AIRS 2010

Vocal Mosaic of AIRS: 2010 is an event which will take place on August 12, 2010 at the Dr. Steel Recital Hall on the University of Prince Edward Island campus.

All are welcome to attend! There will be workshops, demonstrations, and guest speakers all throughout the day, showcasing interdisciplinary research on singing. An evening concert will include various performers such as Teresa Doyle, Colette Cheverie, Pierce Clarke, Meaghan Elizabeth & Bridgette Blanchard, and Jennifer Farrell showcasing different styles of singing.

Our keynote speaker is Dr. Psyche Loui, an instructor in neurology at the Harvard School of Medicine and at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center. Her research "aims to understand the network of brain functions that enable the perception, cognition, and production of sounds."

Workshop and demonstration topics will include:

  • Acquisition of singing
  • Singing in the classroom
  • An overview of singing pedagogy
  • Touring the AIRS Web site and Digital Library
  • Music therapy
  • Singing with seniors
  • Sound yoga

Concept Behind the Vocal Mosaic

The idea of a “Vocal Mosaic” symbolizes the variety of topics interconnected within song. We will highlight the themes of AIRS: how singing develops in every person, how we teach singing, its technical aspects, how we can use singing to teach, and how singing impacts on well-being, including its ability to promote cultural and intergenerational understanding.

Our goals are to share the exciting research that AIRS is conducting with the regional community, to promote dialogue between the university and community, and to celebrate the act of singing in the young and old, amateur and professional, individual and group.

Further Information

Registration cost is detailed on the Vocal Mosaic of AIRS 2010: Registration Details page.

On-campus accommodation is available, at the expense of participants. Information on that is available here: http://upei.ca/conference/summer-visitors.

For more information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

"Music, the mosaic of the air." -Andrew Marvell


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